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Packages are fully customized to fit your needs


Photo Booths

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A photo booth at your wedding or special event is sure to be a hit with all of your guests!

Photobooths provide hours of fun and entertainment for your guests, as well as giving them a creative and unique keepsake from your event.

We offer a variety of options including, our traditional enclosed booth, the open air booth and a more innovative version - THE MIRROR BOOTH! Each is accompanied by a booth attendant to assist your guests, fun props to make that picture worth a thousand words, customized green screen, unlimited photo sessions for the duration of the event and a printed photo strip from each photo session.


Uplighting Design

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Take your wedding venue from ordinary to extraordinary with uplighting. We offer a near limitless color palette to select from with our modern, LED lighting technology. We’ll create an ambiance of soft candlelit romance with amber uplighting, or decorate your space in festive colors matching your bridesmaid’s dresses, floral blooms, or linens. Whatever suits your taste!

Our up-light fixtures are strategically placed throughout the room to create brilliant columns of light that beam up the wall or architectural fixtures. Up-lights are a dazzling way to bring together your entire design and décor elements.

Our LED fixtures consume far less power than the old-fashioned par cans. Many times our lighting can be run off of a single electrical outlet. This is very important in venues with limited power supply. Also, traditional uplighting fixtures can become very hot and pose a serious risk of burns, especially to small children who like to touch the colored lights. Our lights remain cool to the touch throughout the entire event.


Intelligent Lighting

Intelligent floor lighting takes DJ lighting to a whole new level, giving your event the look and feel of a nightclub or concert. With the use of a special controller, your light jockey controls the patterns, speed, color and other functionality of the light fixtures. The colors are brighter, more vivid, and offer more combinations than ordinary lighting.

Intelligent lighting also gives you the ability to spotlight those special moments that make your event unforgettable.


Dancing on the Cloud

This special effect will create a truly stunning vision that will last a lifetime. That first dance will be remembered as the moment you floated on air together – breathtaking! The dancing on the cloud effect uses dry ice to create a low lying fog effect that appears like fluffy white clouds. The DJ announces your first dance and before you know it, you’re dancing like angels in heaven.

Lights, camera, fluffy white clouds and amazing photographs you’ll treasure forever!


Custom Gobo

Personalize your event with your name in lights!

On the day of your event, be a star by putting your name in lights! Using a special fixture coupled with a custom made gobo, your name(s), monogram, wedding date and/or design elements will light up a wall or dance floor. This will add a personal touch to the décor of the day and can be customized to match design elements from your stationery, invitations or the graphic on your photo booth strip.


Sweet 16/Quinceañera

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They are sweet for a reason! Sweet 16's and Quinceañera's are a celebration of a young girl's coming of age. They can be as simple as an intimate family gathering or as elaborate as seen on MTV's My Super Sweet 16. Whatever the size or vision, we've seen and done it all. We work closely with our younger clientele to ensure their event is on trend and upbeat, one to be remembered for a lifetime!



Drapery can be used to create an attractive focal point behind the head table. DJs Unlimited offers backdrop drapery to provide added drama and look fancier than most backdrops. Backdrops can make substantial improvements in the appearance of a room by covering unsightly room features such as doors or air wall panels. Since you will spend many hours of your wedding reception at the head table, a large portion of your pictures will showcase what is directly behind you (think toasts and speeches), drapery can make a world of difference!



Choosing a wedding officiant is one of the most important decisions you’ll make during the wedding planning process, because the way your ceremony feels will be something you and your guests will remember forever. Our wedding officiants work closely with you to create a personalized ceremony that celebrates your special relationship. Our friendly and professional officiants are dedicated to creating a memorable and heartfelt experience for you and your wedding guests.



Maybe you’d like to surprise your guests with a choreographed dance at your wedding, sweet 16 or quinceanera. You pick the songs, we’ll put them together! And, we’ll get them back to you with ample time to practice your choreographed dance!

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